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Karim Nagi, Boston, Massachusetts: “Artemis Mourat has taught a generation of dancers, and has kept her art form relevant in the evolving world of dance. She has been the essential American proponent of Turkish and Romany dance, introducing countless women to this cultural style. She has taken its organic dissemination approach and helped to codify it for a more study-oriented setting. Through her workshops, camps, events, and seminars, Artemis has managed to retain these genres in the American dancers' repertoire.”

Eva Cernik, Colorado: “The most generous person I know is Artemis Mourat. Her generosity is not only as host, assessing your needs and giving you exactly what you didn't even know you need! ... but more importantly, giving you from her well documented knowledge. She presents it in a way that you can see a picture in your mind with context in history and geography. And in the center of it all is you! ... dancing the moves she taught, to the music she gave you ... feeling confident and right in that groove ... thank you Artemis!"

Özgen, London and Turkey: “Artemis is a passionate and skilled Middle Eastern dancer. As a Turkish dancer when I first saw her dance, I was mesmerized and fell in love in with her work. I am so extremely honored to see such a good dancer who represents Turkish dancing very well internationally. What a great energy and what a wonderful woman."

Amel Tafsout, Algeria and California: “Artemis Mourat is an incredible dance artist, not only because she is eager to represent Turkish dance culture the best way she can, but also Middle dance to be respected as an artistic dance form. She has a strong academic knowledge and gives a historical background of the dance she teaches in order to enable the dancer to understand that dance is part of a culture. Her integrity and authenticity in everything she does make her a role model for many Middle Eastern dancers. She is a master in her art and her teachings inspired many dancers to seek their paths. Artemis offers a rare chance to nourish your mind, dance and spirit. She is a strong, passionate woman about the dances she teaches, lectures and performs. I am very grateful for the beautiful work she does around the world and I am very honored to have her as a colleague and as a friend. I enjoy very much being in her presence as she always brings humor in everything she does.”


Gigi Dilsah, Istanbul, Turkey: “Artemis Mourat is our "Jewel" in Romany and Turkish Oriental belly dance and for Turkish culture. She cares deeply about this style of dance and works very hard to make sure it continues to exist today. I feel very lucky and honored to have been her student.”


Karuna Haber, Texas: “Sponsoring Artemis Mourat to teach workshops at my studio has been fantastic. She is not only a scholar, brilliant teacher and an inspired dance artist - she is a dream to work with. Artemis has been consistently kind, generous, courteous, gracious, and insightful. And a hoot to be with! She is a true delight to work with as a presenter. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You will be blessed on all levels by her presence.” Sacred Movement Arts Center, Texas

Kira and Kahreen, Miami, Florida: “The fabulous Artemis…Workshop participants loved her spirited and articulate technique of teaching. Her vast background knowledge and diligent research on the subject of Middle Easter dance is incredible.”

Latifa, Maryland: “Artemis Mourat is a real treasure. Her scholarship and research means that she knows what she's talking about, and she is an exciting performer. She is also a caring and effective teacher and mentor. Any student of Artie's is a lucky duck!”


Deniz Miller, Indiana: “Artemis Mourat is a master of our craft and a true gift to all of us. Her research and teaching is crucial to our art. She one of the kindest and warmest rays of light in the art of dance.”


Belladonna Boheme, Virginia: “Artemis is amazing! She is a giving teacher with an incredible wealth of knowledge, and she is a charming and inspiring human being. Her sparkling energy and fiery spirit are infectious and her ability and willingness to share her wisdom and experience are truly a gift to us all!”,,


Habiba, Philadelphia, PA: “Artemis is a much-beloved performer, teacher and researcher who has added so much to the knowledge of Turkish dance in all its forms.  Her performances are both authentic and exciting at the same time. In her research she has placed Turkish dance in its cultural context alongside other cultures in the Arabic world.   A great deal of her research has been among the Roma people. In educating people about the artistic contributions of the Roma (misnamed Gypsies), she also combats prejudice against them.” The Habiba Studio

Delilah (Seattle, Washington): “A superb researcher and historian as well as a lovely oriental dancer.”

Lisa Wylie, Alabama (home of Lumani Dance Theater and Tzignal Orkestar): “Artemis Mourat is a teacher's teacher. Take as many classes. workshops, and intensives as you can. She not only has the experience of dancing, performing, and teaching but has done the research to support the knowledge she is driven to share with her students. Her no nonsense easy going style is the perfect atmosphere for maximum immersion and retention.  She is organized, well-spoken, and funny. I learn something new about the dance and myself every time I am in her classroom.”

Tempest, Seattle, Washington: "Artemis is not only a living legend of the dance but also a passionate teacher and a dedicated historian/culturist, with a vibrant and sincere personality to match.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I'm honored to consider her a mentor, inspiration, and friend.", Waking Persephone

Azmara, New York: Artemis' approach to dance as a performer, teacher and dance researcher leads her students on paths of cultural and physical understanding with material that is not only readily useable but a foundation upon which to grow. More than learning steps, her infectious passion and sense of fun while sharing her vast knowledge of history, cultural climate with presentations of costuming, art renderings, videos and dance moves is enlightening. I've taken her 5 Day Totally Turkish Intensive at least three times as well as numerous workshops with Artemis.  I always come away with more material, a greater understanding and greater respect for Artemis.  Often I've referred to notes I've taken and/or the many articles she's written as a source of background material and inspiration. After any of Artemis' intensives or workshops, one becomes inspired to add to the knowledge learned and join her passion in the quest for further illumination and education of our beautiful art form.

Amina Beres, Minneapolis: “I first met Artemis at a dance festival when I was at the lowest point of my dance career.  After 10 years I was burned out, and wasn’t sure I even still wanted to dance.  But here was a woman who was so authentic and generous to everyone in her workshop, who had so much fire and passion yet was so approachable that I felt safe in registering for her weeklong intensives in a dance style I knew very little about. She helped me focus my dancing and set dance goals that I had never considered before. The result? Minnesota now has a dance troupe that focuses solely on Turkish dances and I have been to Turkey 4 times. I am in love with teaching and performing more than ever before. Artemis is the most insightful teacher I’ve ever taken classes from.  Whether you are in a group class or a private one-on-one session, Artemis makes you feel comfortable and enthusiastic about dance no matter what level you are at.  You not only really learn the moves, but also the musicality, culture and history behind the dances so you also learn the correct feeling for each dance style.  All delivered with patience, warmth, and humor - you don’t even realize you are working so hard because you are enjoying the experience so much. There is no diva in Artemis! Onstage she dances from her heart, engaging her audiences with the fire and passion she has for Turkish dance.  Backstage, she is the consummate professional; assisting other dancers if needed, whether it’s helping to pin part of a costume on; stage makeup tips; or a friendly word and smile of encouragement just before you head on stage. Thank you, Artemis, for lighting the spark and nurturing the fire!” Amina Beres, Artistic Director, Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble, Minneapolis, MN USA.


Melina of Daughters of Rhea, Boston, Massachusetts: Artemis is captivating.  She weaves earthy, enduring magic as both teacher and dance artist.  Artemis is the rare teacher who truly holds nothing back - she fully shares her vast knowledge, heart and soul with you.  She is a consummate entertainer, ethnographer, master teacher, artist and a dear, giving soul.  We are blessed who have been able to study with Artemis Mourat!  Love her footwork, love her musicality, love her teaching chops, love her honesty, admire her dedication to this art form and to her students!

Bonita Oteri, Virginia : “Artemis is the consummate teacher with a combination of compassion and empathy and she creatively diagnoses and implements tactics to help students of every level to reach their full potential. She coaches professionals who are premier dancers, but still takes joy in meeting and introducing beginners to the dance who may just want to have a fun and exercise in a positive supportive environment. Her classes provide a safe, friendly environment that is all about Sisterhood, camaraderie and supporting your fellow students which is uncommon in many big city based studios. She is sought after throughout the United States and abroad for her constantly evolving and updated choreographies and programs.  Her particular style of dance and teaching material can also be highly effective for our Tribal Sisters. As a performer, she charms, excels in her specialty of Turkish, Greek and Romany style Belly dance and never fails to deliver a dynamic show, whether one of many guest dancers in a theatrical performance for hundreds or a cozy neighborhood restaurant venue.”  

Published in Jareeda Magazine: “Artemis wowed the crowd with her full cabaret show of the Turkish oriental style. The audience was suitably impressed with her stamina, strength, control and flawless zills.”

Published in Zaghareet Magazine: “Artemis’ knowledge never ceases to amaze me…one of the best performances I have ever seen, beyond technique and skill…a projected passion, spirit and energy as she soared over the dance floor….one could almost see the energy rising out of the earth into her dance. Bravo, bravo, Artemis!”

Published in Shimmy Chronicles Magazine:  “Artemis is a genuine Renaissance woman. Singer, dancer, author and researcher. Describing her performance is like trying to catch lightening in a bottle.”


Published in Crescent Moon Magazine:  “Artemis does not produce a mass of cookie-cutter clones, but rather nurtures each student’s ability…while she eagerly helps each and everyone reach their highest potential.”


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