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Artemis is teaching her entire Turkish dance material online in a year long training on ZOOM.  All classes include a recording that the students can keep for a week. At this time, we are not accepting any new student but we are accepting contact information for people who would like to sign up for the recordings. Please note that all recordings must be edited before they are available, so this offer will not be available until this summer. Contact Artemis for details at 

Artemis is teaching generic Middle Eastern dance suitable for all styles. Every Monday night. Drop ins allowed. At least 2 years of experience with Middle Eastern dance are necessary. Recordings are available for a week after class. Contact Artemis for details at:


Mahin Sciacca will sponsor Artemis teaching a 2 part series of lectures for her BDQ Lecture series!

"KNOWING YOUR ROOTS: The History of the Dance Called 'Belly Dance' from the Caves to the Cabarets"....This will be in 2- 2 hour lectures on Sunday, Jan. 31st & Sunday, March 28th.

See the full description of this fascinating talk with TONS of beautiful photos and videos to illustrate this trip through our history!  REGISTRATION IS OPEN!


Artemis and Adam Riviere will team teach a day of drum solo workshops for drummers and dancers. April 24. 

Gigi Dilsah, world famous star from Istanbul will teach Turkish Romany and Turkish Oriental dance, a lecture and more for one day of three consecutive weekends via zoom dates pending! For details, contact Artemis at:

Artemis will be offering a series of lectures on the following topics:

               Romany Music, Dance and Culture Worldwide

               How to thrive and not just survive these extraordinary times

               How to be a belly dance teacher training (prerequisite is a minimum of 2 years of dance classes)

               How to be a workshop teacher training (prerequisites include submission of a resume that reflects a minimum of                     10 years of belly dance training, 10 years of teaching experience, extensive performance experience AND                                     attendance to the "How to be a belly dance teacher" workshop taught by Artemis


Artemis and Aegela will team teach the Turkey Egypt Connection – from Cairo to Constantinople comparing and contrasting the two styles of dance via zoom. Dates are pending. For details, contact Artemis at:

Artemis will teach in South Carolina. Contact POSTPONED DUE TO COVID 19

Aegela will continue with her series of workshops on Reda technique via zoom. Dates are pending. For details, contact Artemis at:

June Seaney will teach the Part 2, 3, 4 and 5 in a Series of Romany Dance workshops via zoom, details pending. June will teach in this order, Romany dance from Russia, Macedonia, Turkey and Egyptian Ghawazee (formerly referred to as Gypsy) dance. For details, contact Artemis at:


Artemis will teach her Annual Totally Turkish Follow Up via zoom, dates pending.  This class is only open to people who have taken one of Artemis's Five Day Totally Turkish Intensives or anyone who has taken the ongoing Totally Turkish year long training. THE DANCERS decide the topics. For details, contact Artemis at:

Artemis, Keylan Qazzaz and Anne Apynys will offer their annual December Solstice Celebration via zoom.

For details, contact Artemis at:


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