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Team Teaching

I love collaborating with my colleagues and we offer some interesting workshops as a team.

Contact Artemis for booking information.





This is an intensive in an 11 - 16 hour, two to four day format. NOTE Shorter versions are available.


Explore the history, music and dance of Turkey with Artemis and of Egypt with Aegela – including the history and context of Egyptian Ghawazee and Egyptian Oriental and Turkish Romany (Gypsy) and Turkish Oriental dance.


These two leading artists, who have extensive experience in these countries, and 84 years combined of first-hand knowledge, will share their personal archival materials with you in our intensive. They will take you from the Ottoman Empire to the Shaabi street dances of Cairo that can be seen today. We will explore where the lines were drawn between these cultures and where the lines are blurred.


The workshops will include dance instruction on Ghawazee, Egyptian Oriental, Reda Technique, Shaabi, Turkish Romany (Gypsy) and Turkish Oriental dance. It will also include several to many hours of lecture material, priceless slides and film footage, so you can delve deeper into what truly makes the Egyptian and Turkish dances what they are.





Day One

A lecture workshop, usually on Friday night:  From Cairo to Constantinople - the history of both styles.


Topics include: Ghawazee, the mother of Egyptian Oriental dance, its evolution from the streets to the famous casino clubs of the 1920s and its development into the various styles of Modern Egyptian Oriental dance. 


We will also explore the Ottoman origins of Turkish Oriental dance: The Romany dance, the court dances, the Egyptian influences and the birth of Turkish Oriental dance on the modernized Europeanized stages of Istanbul. 


This multimedia lecture workshop includes: slides, footage, the opportunity to hold in your hand a real Ghawazee costume from the last great and famous Banat El Mazin family, a history lecture, sound bites of the music and an instructor demonstration of the quintessential aspects of both styles.


Handouts will be provided: an outline of the weekend, list of people to study on YouTube and a timeline. Taught by Aegela and Artemis.

Day Two

Dance Instruction,that can include a one hour working lunch, usually Saturday.


Ghawazee instruction taught by Aegela


Turkish Romany instruction taught by Artemis


A one hour working lunch break that includes a detailed comparison and contrast between Egyptian Oriental and Turkish Oriental. Taught by Aegela and Artemis. Students can bring a brown bag lunch or the sponsor can cater.


A rest and shopping break for 


Turkish Romany instruction taught by Artemis


Classical Egyptian instruction taught by Aegela



Day Three

Instruction for that can include a working brunch or lunch, usually Sunday.


Turkish Oriental instruction taught by Artemis


We can have a hour working lunch break that includes wonderful footage of the famous Egyptian and Turkish Oriental stars and Reda dancers. Students can bring a brown bag lunch or the sponsor can cater. Taught by Aegela and Artemis.


A rest and shopping break.


Mahmoud Reda - the man, the legend taught by Aegela


Shaabi - taking it to the streets, from protest to revolution taught by Aegela



Miscellaneous Information:

All days are suitable for dancers of all levels. The history lectures and footage are also suitable for non-dancers, dance ethnologists, re-enactors and history buffs.


Students should bring veils (zills are optional) and a notebook.


Please no video or audio taping of classes or lectures. Videoing the show by the sponsor is allowed but this cannot be posted to YouTube without our permission.


We will have merchandise to sell.

The Show:


Artemis can perform a typical Turkish oriental mini show that includes Romany dance and a zill solo.


Aegela can perform a mini Egyptian show that includes Egyptian Oriental, Reda technique and Shaabi.



Artemis teaches Romany Music, Dance and Culture Worldwide lecture and Turkish Romany (known as “Gypsy”) dance.

June teaches Russian Romany Dance – an improvisational dance, the costume is a colorful blouse and full skirt, the skirt is waved and swirled about while dancing. Balkan / Macedonian Romany Dance – an improvisational solo or line dance. Spanish Zambra & Rumba Gitana – improvisational dance with Oriental/Moorish influence.

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