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Aszmara at Studio Artemis

On June 8, 2019, Aszmara will teach music mapping at Studio Artemis.

Contact Artemis to register.



"Music Mapping- Becoming a More Musical Dancer."


One of the most musical dancers of our time, the incomparable Aszmara shares her unique method of music mapping and understanding of music in the intimate setting of Studio Artemis. 


June 8, 2019: Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm  

Cost: $160.00 

8 Hour Intensive (bring bag lunch or dine with Artemis for $10 per meal). We will work through breaks.

10 person maximum.



Put a New Tool in your Dancer's Toolbox!


An important way to connect with music and learn or create a choreography faster is to Map your music choice. We find the heart of the piece as well as nuances in the instrumentation leading us to understand not only the piece we choose, but music in general.


In Music Mapping Weekend we garner tools to hear, chart and find new ways to feel the music along with its emotional nuances and will gain a greater understanding of our dance.


Bring a 3 minute piece to map as we will outline a choreography to your music choice.



We will learn:

  • Basic Music Theory every dancer should know

  • Musical Structure

  • Recognizing Instruments - Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Levantine

  • Identifying Musical Themes

  • Musical Arrangements

  • Hearing/Thinking like a musician

  • Is it a Taxim or Melody?

  • What are we listening for/to?

  • Individual Coaching on Mapping and Dancing to your Map


Each student will receive individual coaching with Aszmara as they map their chosen music. Using your map, roughly outline a solo choreography.


After our Music Mapping Session, there is light dancing portion of the afternoon where you present your rough dance while we all have fun improvising along. Aszmara will critique your dance based on what you mapped and give guidance on this important growth as a musical dancer.



What to Bring: Notebook and pens, a 3 minutes piece of your music to map. Note: There will be some light dancing but there is no need for dancewear.



Private coaching with Aszmara also available on Friday.



Contact Artemis to register.



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