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Sacred Dance with Artemis and Belladonna

DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED : Artemis and Belladonna Boheme will teach sacred dance at Studio Artemis. Contact Artemis.


Artemis will teach about contacting our ancestors and using sacred dance to honor, connect to and commune with them.  And Belladonna Boheme will teach Dancing with Ghosts.


Dancing with Ghosts – 

Exploring your inner demons, your past life experiences, and your connection to your ancestors through belly dance.  


Ghosts can come as memories, as energies, or as echoes of the accumulation of people it took to bring you here today. All of these can affect your sense of self. When we take the time to look into the ones that haunt us the most, we often can find out more about our true selves and our true natures.  We can use these findings to apply to our dance, in order to help us embrace both our true selves as well as the healing aspects that help with confidence, motivation, and goal-setting.



Contact Artemis to register.​

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