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Totally Turkish 5-Day Intensive

The Totally Turkish 5 Day Intensive in Studio Artemis in Silver Spring, Maryland, on

June 24 - 28, 2020...POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 DUE TO COVID 19

Join our wonderful Turkophyle network which consists of the hundreds of people who have taken the entire 5 day intensive. There will be 24 hours of class and video viewing (approximately 5 hours a day) over a 5 days span of time, a very detailed manual and an informal private party in the studio. There will be a certificate of completion for all who have attended the full five days. Note this certificate does not imply mastery of the material but simply indicates that the participant has attended the entire intensive. There is one free day for you to see the sights of our beautiful nation’s capital and/or to go costume shopping or to just chill in the house. We will have our class in the late afternoon and evening of that day. I can help you find affordable accommodations.

There is filtered water, coffee, tea and herb tea available all day (self-serve). There is an afternoon snack for everyone daily (chips, crackers, cookies etc). There is no time to leave during the day to go out for lunch so participants will need to bring their own lunches or they can eat the delicious home cooked meals I make for $10 per meal if they reserve this beforehand. 

Please note, we have an indoor cat, so if you have cat allergies, bring your Benadryl. 

Once you have completed the intensive, you will be invited to attend any of our annual Totally Turkish Follow Ups which are ONLY available to people who have taken the entire intensive.


Subjects covered in the 5 day intensive:

Turkish Oriental dance and Turkish Romany (formally known as “Gypsy”) dance technique taught by me (Artemis Mourat). Including: steps, turns, hip/ pelvic/ abdominal articulation, finger snaps, gestures and combinations, the history of Turkish Oriental dance, the history of Turkish Romany (Gypsy) dance, comparing and contrasting Turkish Oriental and Egyptian Oriental, 9/8 rhythms, Ciftetelli rhythms, how to put together a tradition Turkish Oriental show and finger cymbals. There will be daily warm ups and cool downs, history lectures and the viewing of lots and LOTS of slides and DVD material. Class music will be available.

Total cost for the 24 hour, 5 day intensive is $590. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is necessary in order to reserve your spot. The balance is due no later than May 15, 2020. Day attendance may be permitted if and only if the workshop does not sell out. The cost for day attendance is $135 a day. I only do this intensive in my home studio once a year and elsewhere every 3 or 4 years and people come from all over the country and from other countries. It almost always sells out. Please remember, space is VERY limited so register early and reserve your slot by sending your nonrefundable deposit. You are not registered until I get the nonrefundable deposit.
We accept checks, money orders, Pay pal and cash. Make checks and money orders out to Elizabeth Artemis Mourat. Pay pal payments go to and please be sure to include the Pay pal fee. OR send deposits and payments to: Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, 2945 Woodstock Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910

June 24 – 28, 2020 from Wednesday at 6:00 PM until Sunday at 2:30. The hours of the 5 day intensive will differ from day to day and are slightly subject to change depending on my assessment of the energy level in the group but the total amount of instructional time is 24 hours.


Class schedule:

Wednesday: 6 PM to 10 PM for welcome dinner, orientation and class. (students from out of town can arrive any time on Wednesday after 12:00 noon). I will cater a Middle Eastern vegetarian friendly dinner for everybody and we will split the cost of that meal evenly. There is always a lot of food left over so EVERYONE is invited to eat this food on Thursday. 


Thursday: Class is from 10 - 4:00 PM with one hour for lunch. Breakfast for boarders is 8-9. After class, Artemis will take the boarders to Whole Foods and a place to buy adult beverages. 


Friday: Class is from 10 - 4:00 PM with one hour for lunch. Breakfast for boarders is 8-10. Some attendees may want to go see a dancer that night.


Saturday: Attendees have the day free to go shopping and/or to see the sights of Washington, DC or to lounge about the house. There is a great place to buy costumes about an hour’s drive from here and some people make a field trip there (you MUST arrange this with them prior to the day you want to go or they may be closed). Breakfast for boarders is 8 – 10. Class is from 3:00 PM and goes until 8:00 PM. Right after class, we will have our informal, in house party in the studio only for students (very Turkish in style, sitting on the floor, fruits, pita, wine, olives, sweets and mezza snacks – filling but not a meal). Some of you may want to go see a dancer that night.


Sunday: Class from 9:00 AM until 2:30 with a short lunch break. Breakfast for boarders is from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM. We know that people have to catch flights so we end early on Sunday.


What to bring for class and the party:

Bring comfortable clothes for dance class, please no big pantaloons and no big skirts for class because I need to see what your legs are doing in order to teach you better. Bring a non-jingling hip scarf, finger cymbals, a note pad and dance shoes or slippers (if you like to wear them). If you want to go out to a club or restaurant in the evening, you may want to bring a nice outfit. We have air conditioning but it is June and very humid in our area. Dress for comfort and to stay cool but bring a sweater if you don’t like air conditioning. Our studio has a sprung wooden dance floor so it is very foot friendly. Nobody dresses up for our party and it is open only to our workshop participants. So, people go right from class to the party. There is no show. If You want to bring things to sell that is fine as long as it does not take up too much space. Please let me know and I will tell you when it is OK to show folks your things (no vendors please).

What I need from you:

When you are registered, please be sure to send me your full postal address, your full legal name, your stage name (if you have one) and more than one phone number (if you have one). Also, please send me contact information for someone back home in the unlikely event of an emergency. This only happened once when I was expecting a student who had not arrived and it was getting really late. She was able to call her husband but not me. So, he told me she had been stuck on the road but was OK and on her way. Please tell me if you want to be a boarder. As we get closer to the event, please send me information about when and how you plan to arrive and depart. I will need to know if you have special dietary needs. I will need to know the dietary issues and preferences of everyone who eats here when you register. 
Video policy: Sorry no videotaping or tape recording in class.

Participation and Liability:

All participants must sign a liability waiver in order to participate in the intensive. I hate to have to even write this but since this is our home, I do reserve the right to refuse enrollment or to terminate the enrollment of any participant for any reason (your unused tuition will be refunded). This has never happened but we have a loving, cheerful and peaceful home which is a safe place to learn and grow. We will not allow any disruption to the joyful climate that we have carefully and lovingly cultivated. 
Cancellation and refund policy:

Please note that your $150 deposit is nonrefundable. Payment is due in full by May 15, 2020. If you have registered and you cannot come, you MUST notify me as soon as possible. This workshop will sell out and I will have turned people away because I am saving a slot for you. Replacing you at the last minute will be extremely difficult if not impossible. If you have extraordinary circumstances for why you must cancel AND if I can put someone in your slot, I will consider in a case by case basis refunding your money minus your nonrefundable deposit. I am sorry but you may not sell your slot. If I have to cancel (this only happened once when my mother was terminally ill), I will refund your money in full or we can apply your money towards the next intensive date (whatever you prefer).



December of 2020.

This workshop is ONLY available to people who have already taken the 5 day intensive. You choose the agenda for this 13 hour Follow Up and the cost is $260. You can arrive Thursday night or Friday during the day. We will have class on Friday from 6:30 – 9:30, Sat 10 – 6 with one hour for a lunch break and Sunday 10 – 1:00. The Follow Ups are the student's opportunity to bring their questions to me and it is also about integrating the material. I ask the students to send me their requests in advance and I try my best to accommodate the group’s wishes. The participants bring me their questions from their manuals, from life and from their own work on Turkish dance. I can offer my choreographies (which I rarely teach in outside workshops). Sometimes, the students choose to come up with combinations in small groups during the workshops. Sometimes they ask that I critique their work in class (purely voluntary). You can bring music you like and do not know what to do with and we will use it in class. In addition to this, we can cover any Turkish related topic you want. The Follow - Up is different every time so many of my students come year after year. I will have music available that is pertinent to the subjects you have asked to cover. This is also a great chance to reconnect with your old friends and workshop mates and to make new friends from among my lovely Turkophyle network.

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