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Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot


March 31 - April 1, 2017: Samira Shuruk will teach two workshops that are directly relevant to the photo shoot that will occur that same weekend with StereoVision at Studio Artemis.



Makeup Magic! For the perfect dancer photo shoot! 

Friday, March 31. 8-10:30pm
Samira, with training in makeup and years in front of the camera, and on stage, will teach you multiple techniques to make the best of your features, and help you look fantastic in front of the camera. Come wearing your regular foundation. Bring your own makeup, brushes and a mirror.
We will go step by step with Samira demonstrating each process on a different individual, and then everyone following along on themselves. We will cover contouring, highlighting, make up for all different parts of the face, what different finishes and formulas are for, and special techniques for different ages. If you have specific questions you’d like to address in the workshop, email Samira beforehand. $50 


Lights! Camera! Dance Action! 

Saturday, April 1, 9:30-10:30am

How do you get those magical photos of your dance? What kinds of photos are most useful in marketing? We’ll help you figure out your needs. We will go over body, face, expression, lighting and then some, in this photo shoot prep workshop. Learn details of how to strike those glamour poses so they flatter your figure. Develop ways to move between poses, so you appear to be dancing, and the photographer will have the opportunity to capture just the perfect angle on you.
Samira will teach you facial relaxation techniques to keep you looking natural and at ease, and also expression tips, so you look “real.” After this workshop, you will know how to use your hands, your lighting, your space and more. $20 


Photo Shoot Coach! 
Saturday, April 1, in the morning
This is an add-on item.
Want Samira to help you with your shoot?
She’ll help guide you during your shoot with lighting, movement and feeling super comfortable. Samira will also help with details such as hair and straps in place, keeping the shadows out of your face and more. She’ll also make sure your makeup details are correct – nothing like asymmetrical lip liner to ruin a photo shoot! Dancers who sign up for coaching will be scheduled earlier in the day. $20


April 1, 2017: Stereovision will offer a photo shoot at Studio Artemis in Maryland


Stereo vision pricing is according to costume change and each one is called "a look."
1 look - $90
2 looks - $135
3 looks - $165

Each look = "a costume" and the dancer will receive finished/edited images from each costumed look. There is a deposit of $25, applied to the total cost of the shoot and the remainder of the fee is due the day of the shoot. Please pay Stereovision the deposit for the shoot but be sure that you tell me too.


Register with Carlo Plus Elise StereoVision


Contact Artemis to schedule your photo shoot time slot at:




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